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Life insurance is usually not reviewed on a regular basis; however, an annual review is more important than most people realize. Some of the reasons why it is important to compare life insurance are:
  1. Life Insurance Rates Typically Drop Overtime
  2. Life Insurance Needs Change
  3. Comparing Life Insurance can save you thousands

Compare Life Insurance

The first reason (life insurance rates typcially decrease overtime), states that as life spans extend the mortality rate drops which allow actuaries to lower the rates on policies. Ten years ago the life expectancy was not where it is today. So purchasing a policy for a 60 year old ten years ago would be more expensive than it is today.


The second reason is because life insurance needs change. For someone, in their early thirties they may be purchasing a house, having kids, starting a business or other things that carry expenses. If something happened to the bread winner of the family there would need to be income to replace what they were generating while still alive.

Since needs change reguarly, especially for those under the age of 45, it is recommended to review these policies once a year. If needs change slightly it may not be worth running life insurance quotes, but if there are some big changes it is recommended to compare life insurance rates.

The third reason of saving money on your life insurance coverage is exists because there are more and more insurance companies offering term life insurance and the rates continue to get more competitive. The other day I saw a 29 year old male purchase a 2.5 million dollar life insurance policy for 20 years for less than $900 per year.

This individual was looking to pay off house, pay for his kids college, provide a nest egg for his wife, and make sure there were never any financial issues for them. He did this for roughly $75 per month. To him this was the best investment he ever made.

If you are wanting to compare Life Insurance Rates Click Here or if you are wanting to compare Medicare Supplement Rates click here. Please call 1-877-759-5760 with any questions to the insurance mentioned above.

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