Are Online Insurance Quotes Legit?

The title is very appropriate and a great question for consumers to ask when searching for insurance online. Now a day we go online for everything from buying Christmas gifts, holding our mail when we are out of town, bidding on Ebay, and even checking our bank accounts. Since the online experience has become much more common and casual many insurance companies have begun to allow consumers a way to receive online insurance quotes.

There are some products that still need to be covered with an insurance agent before purchasing and there are other products that are standardized which can be quoted in a very simple fashion.

Online Insurance Quotes to Consider

Online insurance quotes should be considered on standardized products. What is a standardized product? A standardized product is something like a term life insurance policy or a Medicare supplement which has the same benefits between companies and the main differences will be price and financial stability of the carrier.

  1. Term Life Insurance - a 20 year term with one carrier is the same as a 20 year term with another carrier. They both will pay at 19 years and the both will show policy cancellation for a death at 21 years.
  2. Medigap Plans - standardized health insurance benefits that supplement Medicare. These plans offer the same benefits in 47 states and should be reviewed every few years to make sure your premiums are not to high.
  3. Dental Plans - these products are pretty basic and can be quoted online in a very similar fashion to the above referenced plans; however, these plans are not standardized so review benefits and provider options.
  4. Vision Plans - these online insurance quotes are pretty straight forward and some websites like Dental For Everyone provide vision quotes along with their dental quotes.

Insurance Quotes - You Need an Agent

In my opinion you need an insurance agent to review policies such as whole life, liability policies, commercial insurance, and other policies that are more in depth policies and vary between companies. Even on homeowners insurance some companies do not offer earthquake coverage while others do. A good rule of thumb is that if you can't understand the policy and explain it to someone else you need to pick up the phone and call an insurance agent who can explain it to you.

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