AmFirst Final Expense

AmFirst Insurance Company has almost completed the development of an amazing new life insurance product. This product will be referenced as the "AmFirst Final Expense Plan" throughout this article but the actual name has not been released yet. This plan is expected to be 20 - 25% less expensive than any other final expense rates in the market. The AmFirst Final Expense Plan has reduced fees and expenses by making an online application which reduces marketing expenses and manual data entry at the home office.

About AmFirst Insurance Company

AmFirst Insurance Company was established in 1998. The company is rated B++ with AM Best Rating Agency and has proven to be a leader in niche products. The main line of products offered are the Premium Saver Gap Plan, Individual Dental and E&O coverage to insurance agents. Now the AmFirst Final Expense Plan will be added to this line of products.

AmFirst is an Oklahoma insurance company but its headquarters is located in Jackson, Mississippi. AmFirst has contracted with Morgan White Group of Jackson, MS to fulfill most of their administrative work; however, it appears another third party will be handling the AmFirst Final Expense administration.

AmFirst Final Expense

Keep visiting the Medicare Insurance Finders blog to learn more about the upcoming final expense product. We expect to see different features like online enrollment, online marketing material for agents, online quoting tools and 20% lower rates which will make this a very hot product.

AmFirst will have the lowest final expense rates in the market which will make it a very good purchase with your Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Medicare Insurance Finders saves people an average of $500 per year on their Medigap policy. Now we are expected to be able to save you an additional 20% on your life insurance through AmFirst Insurance Company.


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