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Cigna, one of the largest health insurance service organizations in the United States is now releasing a Medicare Supplement product. These Medigap plans will be distributed through American Retirement Life Insurance Company and available to consumers with a February 1, 2013 effective date. The initial plan is to launch in roughly 25 states with a later start date for other states.

American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC) has filed rates with different insurance departments that are extremely competitive. In most states, their rates are the lowest priced plan in the market. The Cigna name and the agent recruitment across the country should mean large premium numbers. To see instant Medicare Supplement Rates click here.

American Retirement Life Insurance Company

American Retirement Life Insurance Company was a company that was owned by Great American Financial Resources which was purchased by Cigna in 2012. In other words, Cigna now owns ARLIC and has decided to write Medicare Supplements through this company.

ARLIC was pulled into the group status of Cigna and now carriers an "A" rating with AM Best which is believed to help them increase their presence in the senior market.

American Retirement Life Insurance Company - Medigap Insurance

Medigap Insurance is supplemental coverage that fills in the Gaps of Medicare. The Plan F is the most popular Medicare Supplement due to the comprehensive coverage it provides and the simplicity of use. Medicare Supplement plans do not have "networks", as long as you go to a Medicare provider your insurance coverage will work.

Medigap Insurance rates can be found through Medicare Insurance Finders. Online rates with over 25 carriers are available through the quote engine on the main page of this website. If you would like more information about Cigna's Medicare Supplement please contact our Medicare department at 1-877-759-5760. We look forward to working with you in finding the best supplemental insurance for your needs.

Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance - Rates available through Medicare Insurance Finders.

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