Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance

Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance has been released and is firing on all cylinders. This is expected to be one of the most competitive insurance companies writing Medigap insurance plans in 2013 (along with Cigna Insurance Company). You can expect them to have low rates across the country with an online application that licensed insurance agents can enroll you through.

Aflac has been known as a market leader for providing niche products for many years and is expected to have an exciting entry in the Medicare Supplement market. Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates will be available on the Medicare Supplement Quoter as soon as they have been approved by the different insurance departments. We are known for providing health insurance rates online with numerous insurance companies and you can guarantee that we will had Aflac to that list.

Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance

All Medicare Supplement plans are standardized meaning they cannot offer different benefits. Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance is the same as Cigna Medicare Supplement Insurance - the only difference comes down to the price and financial stability of the insurance company.

Guaranteed Issue Rights - Medicare Supplement Insurance

When we advise individuals on which Aflac Medicare Supplement Plan to choose we tell them to consider purchasing a plan that is not a "Guaranteed Issue Rights Plan". Guaranteed Issue rights are a time when an individual does not have to answer any health questions to purchase a policy. This will allow people who are not healthy to enroll in a plan that will run up the claims and then everyone in that "block" of business receives a rate increase.

The Plan G is not a guaranteed issue plan, it is available during Open Enrollment though. Also if you can answer health questions it is a great plan to consider. Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan G will have great rates in most states. Over the course of time, like most companies rates will increase but we see Aflac Medicare Supplement Insurance being a very competitive carrier throughout 2013 and 2014.


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