Aetna Medicare Supplements

It seems that more insurance companies are purchasing other companies in the Medicare Supplement market. Aetna Medicare purchased Genworth Financial's Medicare Supplement Companies: American Continental Life Insurance and Continental Life Insurance out of Brentwood, Tennessee. Since the purchase of these companies they reduced the premium on their plans and have begun to become a large player in the Medicare Supplement market.

Aetna Medicare - Statistics

According to CSG Actuarial, Aetna reported an in-force count of their Medicare Supplement business of 201,000 policies as of the 3rd quarter in 2012. This is 33% higher than their year end numbers of 2011. I know through Medicare Insurance Finders - Quote Engine we have seen an increase in American Continental and Continental Life in numerous states including Texas, Illinois, and Mississippi.

Aetna Medicare - Benefits

Aetna's Medicare Coverage is the same as every other carrier in the market on their Medicare Supplement line. However, there are a few benefits that Aetna has that not all Medicare Supplement Companies have:
  • A+ Rating with AM Best - this shows they are extremely strong financially
  • They have given rate discounts which very few Medicare Supplement Companies have done
  • They own three insurance companies that are writing business in all 50 states which diversifies their risk in the Medicare Supplement market.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Quotes

If you would like to see Aetna Medicare Supplement quotes in your zip code click on the link above which will take you to Medicare Insurance Finders where quotes are only minutes away.

If Aetna does not have the most competitively priced Medicare Supplement in your market weigh the pros and cons out to see if it is worth paying a higher price for the benefits their company offers. Thank you for visiting Medicare Insurance Finders and for letting us be your Medicare Supplement resource.


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