5 Reasons Why You Will Love Working with an Advisor

1. No need in keeping up with the Medicare changes yourself.

    Medicare is ever-changing year to year. Not only can that get confusing, because the years seem to pass by so quickly, but there are so many different parts to Medicare and EACH one changes! Talk about confusing. We keep up with every change and are here to keep you up to date. Whether it is news that Medicare covers something new, or new premium and deductible amounts – we have you covered!

    2. You can ensure that you have the most cost-effective rates.

      If you have a policy with us, after several years of having that policy, you may see your rates going up. No need to fret! We are here to search the market to hopefully find you a more cost-effective policy, while keeping your same benefits.

      3. You are not pushed into anything; you tell your advisor what YOU need, and they will be there to guide you.

        In every call with you, we get to know you to make sure that you have the insurance that fits you best, and more importantly, your budget.

        4. No need to call in and deal with the hassle of talking with someone new each time for insurance questions.

          This just may be the single-handedly, most important reason to have an advisor. While it is hard enough to speak with someone-face-to-face nowadays, if you call your carrier directly, you will likely get a new person each time. Which means they do not know you or your situation. When you come to MWG Direct, you have one advisor assigned to you.

          5. You have a friend in your corner that is knowledgeable about the Medicare industry.

            We know it sounds cliché, but we care for the best interest of our clients, and tend to develop relationships whether in-person or even over the phone because of this. We are here to answer any questions you have about Medicare or retirement insurance. We break things down simply and our services are always free.

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