Health Insurance - What it doesn't cover?

Lets start by being pretty straight forward - we should have commons sense to understand that some things will not be covered by our health insurance plans. For instance cosmetic surgery that is not due to an injury or accident will not be covered by an insurance policy. First of all it is not medically necessary and second insurance premiums would be through the roof if it covered procedures that were just whenever someone wanted to use it.

Health Insurance - What's Not Covered?

Below are list of things that are not covered by a health insurance policy. Some policies may have riders (additional coverage) that provide protection; however, the basic policy does not cover these items.

  1. Long-Term Care - this is custodial care and is not deemed skilled care by Medicare or other insurance policies.
  2. Cosmetic Surgery - cosmetic surgery will usually be covered if a major accident or injury occurs that causes damage; however, basic cosmetic surgery is not covered.
  3. Erectile Dysfunction - this is not covered by Medicare Part D. Many times during the Annual Election Period senior men are surprised to find this is not covered, because unlike Medicare they see this as medically necessary.
  4. Dental and Vision Coverage - this will be covered under a separate policy. If you are in need of dental/vision coverage I would recommend going to Dental4Everyone to compare plans in your zip code.
  5. Weight Loss Surgery - most of the time this procedure will not be covered. A recent article by Insurance News states that 90% of health insurance policies do not cover this.

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