When can I buy a Medigap policy?

Are you turning 65 soon? You might find out that looking through Medicare options is like trying to put together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Fortu...

Tax on Medicare Supplement Plan F? What is IRMAA?

If you’ve listened to the news at all lately, I’m sure you’ve heard some talk about future changes in Medicare. There are many proposals out there that seek to help Medicare beneficiaries in keeping costs down. However, some say that there are also proposals being made that would work against these seniors. One in particular would impose an extra 15% tax on those who have selected a Medicare Supplement Plan F or C. These plans cover all deductibles and co-payments for doctor and hospital visits. The basis of this proposal is that people that choose these plans are not contributing towards health costs as much as those who aren’t on a Plan F or C. To me, it sounds similar to the concept of the “Cadillac Tax” that is scheduled to take effect in 2018 for certain plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Health Insurance - What it doesn't cover?

Lets start by being pretty straight forward - we should have commons sense to understand that some things will not be covered by our health insurance plans. For instance cosmetic surgery that is not due to an injury or accident will not be covered by an insurance policy. First of all it is not medically necessary and second insurance premiums would be through the roof if it covered procedures that were just whenever someone wanted to use it.

How does the Healthcare Law affect my Medigap Plan?

With recent news of the large employer mandates getting pushed back a year, it is bound to have people wondering if this means there is any changes to their Medigap plan (supplemental insurance to Medicare). How does the healthcare law affect my Medicare - is the chant of millions of Medicare beneficiaries across the country.

Employers - How to handle Seniors on Group Health Insurance?

All across the country right now employers are looking for ways to lower health insurance premiums. There are a lot of different coverage issues that many different employers are facing - depending upon their industry. Fast food restaurants are trying to figure out how to keep down their full time employees while giving them enough hours to stay happy. Other employers are trying to figure out how to handle their 65+ seniors on group health insurance.