Genworth Long Term Care


Genworth a long term leader in the long-term care insurance market has announced a delay in the California market due to lingering customer service issues they are experiencing. Unlike most companies, Genworth has taken the time to address these issues prior to launching a push for their LTC products.

Long-Term Care insurance helps cover custodial care that is not covered by Medicare insurance. Medicare and Medigap plans only cover medically necessary coverage where Genworth Long Term Care Insurance covers care such as cleaning, bathing, etc. that is needed when you experience loss in your daily activities of living. An example of this would be needing someone to help take you to the grocery store or the bathroom if you were not able to accomplish this on your own.

Genworth Long Term Care

Genworth has been a leader in the long term care market for over 25 years and has had more in force premium than any other insurance company. Genworth is an "A" rated insurance company with AM BEST and has over 100 years of experience in the insurance industry. When I first got into the insurance industry in the early 2000's they were paying over $1,000,000 per day in LTC claims - they can hold their own.

What caused delays in California?

Delays were caused by some other launches not being handled as smooth as possible and management decided to delay the promotion so that they would not experience lashings from the insurance department.

Medicare Insurance Finders has been a large promoter of American Continental and Continental Life two insurance companies that were owned by Genworth Insurance Company less than 3 years ago. Those companies were sold to Aetna Insurance Company so they could focus more on other markets.

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