Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are wanting to explore and compare Florida Medicare Supplement Plans you have come to the right place. MWG Senior Services specializes in educating people on their insurance options while providing online rates with over 25 insurance companies across the country.

Find the Best Florida Medicare Supplement Plan

The question to ask is how can you find the best Florida Medicare Supplement Plan available without paying an arm and a leg? There are several suggestions that can help you find excellent Medigap coverage while choosing a cost effective plan and we will cover those below:

  1. One way to save thousands on your Medicare Supplement over the years is to purchase a Plan G. These policies are almost identical to the popular Plan F, but the Plan G does not cover the Part B Deductible ($147). The Plan G tends to get lower rate increases because it has a healthier block of business and it is not a "Guaranteed Issue Rights Plan".
  2. The best Medicare Supplement may have a different meaning to different people. An example is that someone may want to choose a carrier with a lower "AM BEST" rating since it has a lower premium; however, others only want to choose an insurance company that has an "A RATING".
  3. Compare Florida Medicare Supplement Plans every two or three years. Insurance Companies tend to raise their rates due to loss ratios and if you are not comparing Medicare Supplement Rates then you could be paying too much for your policy. Medicare Insurance Finders will help you compare these plans.


Florida Medicare Supplement Plans - Outline of Coverage

The below chart shows the different Medicare plans offered in the state of Florida. These plans are federally regulated so the benefits are the same with which ever company you choose. However, as mentioned above rates are very important to compare when choosing a policy.

florida medicare supplement plans

Make sure you choose a senior advisor that knows the Medicare Supplement market prior to purchasing a policy. We can assist you in finding the plan that best fits your needs.