Plan C Medicare Supplement Insurance

In most of our articles we recommend the Plan F or Plan G Medigap policies. However, in the state of Pennsylvania we recommend the Plan C Medicare Supplement since "Excess Charges" are not allowed. This particular Medicare Supplement policy provides similar coverage to the Plan F but it does not cover excess charges. Since the state of Pennsylvania does not allow hospitals/physicians to bill excess charges this is unnecessary coverage.

Plan C Medicare Supplement - Outline of Coverage

As you will notice below the Plan C Medicare Supplement has excellent coverage and the only thing it does not cover compared to the Plan F is the Excess Charges. In most states, I am leary to suggest any plan that leaves an undisclosed liability on the table. We do not know what will happen with our health and playing risky in retirement is not something we promote.

Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Rates

When considering Plan C Medicare Supplement Rates in Pennsylvania go to the Medicare Supplement Quote Engine to get rates with over 25 insurance companies in less than 2 minutes. Some people will save as much as 65% on their Medicare Supplement premiums and the average couple will save over $1,000 per year by comparing plans.

What are Excess Charges?

Excess charges are fees that can be charged on Part B services when the provider is not content with the fee that is approved by Medicare. Doctors are allowed to charge an additional 15% over the Medicare approved amount. In theory, there are codes with fees that Medicare will pay for the different procedures, and if the doctor decides to charge more he can charge up to the excess charge limit of 15%.

For help with obtaining Plan C Medicare Supplement Insurance please contact Medicare Insurance Finders at 1-877-936-2991.