Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G

Everyone is familiar with the Medicare Supplement Plan F. So today we wanted to do a comparison of the Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G. Plan F is the most popular plan in the market while other studies have shown that the Plan G is the most cost effective plan available. Below are some facts that show why you should consider the Plan G over the Plan F.

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G Benefits

The only difference in benefits is that the Plan G does not cover the Part B Deductible ($147 in 2013). Like the Plan F all other services that are Medicare approved are covered.

Why would I not want a Plan F with better benefits?

After reviewing years of comparisons of these Medicare Supplement plans all across the country it is proven that the Plan G will see smaller rate increases than the Plan F. There are numerous reasons for these rate increase variables that are a little long for this article, but we will be glad to explain these to you over the phone if you would like to talk.

What is the difference in Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G premium? (Ex: 69 female in Central Mississippi)

There are many different companies that provide insurance rates but our quote engine at will allow you to compare the difference in premiums in minutes.

  • A Rated Carrier – Plan F: $119.37 per month
  • A Rated Carrier – Plan G: $105.12 per month
  • This is a difference of $14.25 per month or $171 per year for a $147 benefit. Typically this spread will grow over the years due to rate increases which will save you more money in the long haul.

What are the negatives of Plan G?

The only difference of the Plan F vs. Plan G is the Part B Deductible ($147 in 2013). In our eyes the only negative is paying too much for a Part B deductible; however, you will be responsible for $147 deductible throughout the year if you go to the doctor’s office. After that deductible is met, it covers 100% like the Plan F. We recommend comparing the Medicare Supplement Plan F vs Plan G when you become eligible for Medicare so that you do not pay unnecessary premiums.


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