Drug Supply - Prescription Drug Plans

Recently we had a client call us to let us know that the co-pay originally quoted with the Humana Part D plan was twice as high as originally projected. A little surprised and hoping we did not mess up when researching the drug supply, I asked him for the name of the prescription and the drug dosage.

Drug Supply Example

After looking the prescription up on the Humana Insurance and Medicare websites I noticed that the drug supply was accurate with what I originally told our client the co-pay would be (20% of the drug cost with a cost of $290 at his pharmacy). After he read me his drug information I started realizing what the problem was. The prescription was a 43 day supply - which meant the pharmacy was charging him in a 2 month supply.

All of a student his $290 (retail cost) drug with a 20% co-pay was being doubled because it was equivalent to getting a 60 day supply. We still needed to call the insurance company to verify this information, but this taught all of us an important lesson.

Part D Recommendation
  1. The first recommendation is review your Prescription Drug Plan every year. These plans change and a good analysis is very important.
  2. The next thing is to make sure you get the full 30 day supply or 90 day supply. Do not get a 35 day supply or you will be charged for a 60 day supply and this will cause you to be closer to the donut hole.
  3. Contact Medicare Insurance Finders for a free analysis of your Part D plan. We give this review every year during the Annual Election Period to our Medicare Supplement clients.

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